Best of Joe Budden v.2: #09 Black Cloud


Song: Black Cloud

Album: Mood Muzik 4

Year: 2010

Previous: #3

It’s hard to live without a budget when life is corrupted, in a house that’s so peaceful that I’m trying to disrupt it, scream fuck it not because I have to but because I love it, which makes me as fake as the puppets that I speak of disgusted

Budden once referred to this song as the “darkest, happy song” during an interview with MTV.

He’s had a not-so-easy life. It seems like trouble follows him daily, hence the song’s hook and him trying to escape this black cloud by running away.

He touches on a lot of things.

He mentions his no-filter ways, where regardless of what the situation is, he’ll speak his mind. That has caused him to get into multiple problems including the Raekwon and Method Man situation. This way of life has caused Budden to bump heads with other rappers like Saigon, Ransom, Lil B (who receives a subliminal shot in the song), etc.

Also, he talks about his success, and how that should better his life.

It doesn’t.

He still has problems. He tells us about his peaceful home and how it annoys him. He wants some noise. He wants some distractions because that was his norm back then. He continues and says that he’s lost his motivation and drive to pursue rap music. His success has given him a financial cushion that’s comfortable too, where he could take a hiatus if he’d like to.

He refers to his depression as both a gift and a curse.

Although it’s been tough on him, it allowed Budden to develop a career of sharing his life with other people who may or may not have gone through a similar path. His pain allowed others to relate and helped them recover or as he put it uplifted. For example, I’ve always thought of his music as inspirational and motivational. I would hear his songs and think, “life’s not so bad.” I look at his life as inspirational because if he could escape his former life and achieve great success, the rest of the world and I can as well.

Overall, the song is dope. Its full of so much stuff including a part where he reiterates that his storm (pain/issues) belongs to him, others may face similar storms but in the end it differs from Joe’s.


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