Best of Joe Budden v.2: #08 Pray For Me


Song: Pray For Me

Album: Padded Room

Year: 2009

Previous: #6

You make mistakes like me as far as I can see, I think it’s a mockery whenever rich n—– win the lottery, gave us Bush twice God I hate to be rude, but you let skinny n—– starve give obese n—– food, the nerve of you telling me I don’t deserve to stay here, when you gave us drugs and guns and you put AIDS here, take a look at you, your actions are cold hearted, the harsh shit is you bring babies in this world retarded

Budden uses his skill to create an amazing story.

In the song, Budden has a near-death experience and gets the opportunity to speak to Him. He creates a head turning dialogue between himself and God. He manages to bring up some good points against God.

The story begins with Joe being whisked away by two strong men. They take him to the gates of heaven where he meets God. Once there, God tells Joe who he his. When God tells Joe he’s Him, Joe becomes skeptical. He doesn’t believe him until God shares a tidbit from Joe’s life. Afterwards, He asks Joe to o convince him on why he should be let into heaven.

Joe begins pleading his case saying he hasn’t done much wrong but God interrupts and corrects him, proceeding to name some things he did in his past including drug dealing, being abuse toward his lover, aborting his first child, abandoning his son, and robbing and stealing from people—his mother included.

As He counters Joe’s pleas, Joe feels like he’s being attacked and fires back at God, blaming him for his troubles. He blames God for giving him a terrible baby mother and for his jail stints.

Joe eventually has enough during the interaction and pulls out the big guns, bringing up several good points in the process.

He starts naming world problems such as hunger, disease, wealth, social class, weapons, drugs, disorders, etc. If God was really the all-loving type, why are there so many issues in the world? Like Joe says in the song, why is the skinny person starving while the obese one is having a feast?

God decides to response to Joe’s points with clichés, saying there’s reasons behind everything and that he would never give a person more than he or she can handle.

In the end, God mentions that they’ve met several times before, and that this won’t be the last time. Hopefully the next time, they can skip the conversation.

I was blown away when I first heard this record.

He created a fake conversation between God and himself that some might find offensive or controversial albeit fictitious. However, he did approach it from a point of view that many have had, including me. I’ve always had similar thoughts questioning a higher power’s existence especially with all the problems in the world.

But enough of that, just know this: the song is amazing.



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