Best of Joe Budden v.2: #07 Where Did It Go Wrong?


Song: Where Did It Go Wrong?

Album: n/a

Year: 2007

Previous: #9

You getting sick n—-, when you alone, its just you and your imagination you paint a sick picture

Joe sits and ponders what exactly went wrong in his relationship with an ex-girlfriend. I’ll assume its Tahiry.

The first verse seems to be directly aimed at someone, but as for whom, I’m not sure. These dudes are out there pretending to be something they aren’t. They’re acting as if Joe won’t do something to retaliate. He continues and tells these dudes that he’s superior to them in the sense that he’s smarter and they fail in comparison to him.

Meanwhile, the rest of the song is aimed at a former flame. His once great relationship has gone to shit. He found out his girlfriend was being unfaithful. Even worst, it was with one of his friends. He doesn’t recognize her anymore, calling her a stranger. He thought his girl was a ride or die chick, which she was, until she began lying and eventually cheating.

Joe learned to look at relationships differently from this past relationship. He realized that the only way to get over her was to find someone else and move on. He found someone else but he can’t help but compare her to his former girl. He’s comparing the present versus memories, chemistry versus love, his new versus his old.

He can’t help but think of reasons for which she cheated. Why did she feel the need to cheat? Was she unhappy? Was she bored? Did she want something different? Did she see something in him that was different from Joe? Could he provide something Joe couldn’t? These questions lingered in Joe’s mind, causing him to go crazy.

These thoughts make Joe realize that the unknown is scary—which is something we all can agree with. When we are by ourselves and our minds wander, we tend to think of crazy things. Add in a breakup and you have a fucked up scenario. Our imagination starts getting creative and continues painting a sick picture.


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