Best of Joe Budden v.2: #05 Sing For The Moment


Song: Sing For The Moment

Album: Mood Muzik

Year: 2004

Previous: #4

I’m thankful for every single fan that I get, and just think, years ago, shit I was planning to quit, but nah, I’ll keep trooping it, for y’all at triple dub that type ‘Joey keep doing it’, y’all who thought we wouldn’t see shine in Jerz, for the kids that idolize me just ‘cause I can rhyme words

Ah, arguably the song that got me to love Joe’s music. I remember hearing this and being blown away.

Joe offers us the details of his journey from a dusthead to a promising up and coming rapper.

He mentions people wanting favors. They would try to ask him for help or a co-sign. Apparently, dudes thought Joe should lend a hand, he thought otherwise. He felt they should do the work and start from the beginning but nobody likes doing that hard work. Everyone wants instant result.

His success wasn’t overnight. He worked hard for it. Before he had the cars, the money, a home, the white people staring etc., he had nothing. He briefly mentions the time he was homeless without food, clothes, money or a warm place. The part of his life where he was begging his drug dealing for a hit, he was close to rock bottom. He overcame it.

All that is over with. Joe made something of himself. He credits his high school’s hallways where he would participate in cyphers with other classmates. His work paid off and now he has the ability to do what a lot of people want to do for the love ones: provide and take their loved ones away from the ‘hood, so it doesn’t create a circle of falling for the streets.

Once he “made it,” he found other struggles.

At times he felt he needed to quit. But he didn’t. He credits this will to continue to his fans especially those who stuck with him from the beginning. The fans on the message boards supporting and defending him, he thanked them. He pinpoints two scenarios that helped him not give up. One scenario involved the fans instilling hope in him, pleading with Joe to “keep doing it.” The other was the story he heard from a fan that said Joe’s music helped him on the road to sobriety.

The third verse is amazing. It’s so inspirational, and so dope. Joe said he’s thankful for his fans, likewise Joe, we—the fans—are thankful for you and your music.


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