Best of Joe Budden v.2 Recap


It’s taken over six months—that’s a long time, I know—but we’ve finally reached the final stretch of the list. The top three best Joe Budden songs are left, and if you remember the previous list, you can figure out the three songs. You would just have to guess the ranking order.

The list was more work than I expected. I thought I’d be finished by the end of March but I failed. Life got in the way, work got in the way, etc. The list was hard to come up with but I was able to create one that I was satisfied with.

Since I came up with the list, Budden dropped another project, an EP, Some Love Lost. I did hear some songs that could make the list. I guess we’ll have to wait until the third edition.

For those who are lazy, or just don’t want to go through the entire list, I decided to relist the songs here. Plus, I added a brief summary about what the song is about on some songs.

Hopefully this list holds you off until the final three are revealed.

Honorable Mentions:

Who Killed Hip Hop?” – tries to pinpoint where hip-hop fell off

Talk 2 ‘Em” – decides to go after Jay Z

50. “Dear Angela” – talks about his relationship with his baby mother

49. “Castles”

48. “Invisible Man”

47. “Role Reversal”

46. “Send Him Our Love” – tribute song to Stack Bundles


45. “When Thugs Cry” – analyzes his present and previews his future

44. “Just To Be Different”

43. “Russian Roulette”

42. “Runaway” – talks about his drug addition

41. “All In My Head”


40. “I Couldn’t Help It” – storytelling track

39. “Do Tell”

38.“Follow Your Lead”

37. “Old School Mouse”

36. “Secrets” – storytelling at its finest


35. “Dear Diary” – pens a diary

34. “Are You In The Mood Yet?”

33. “Stuck In The Moment”

32. “Stained” – depression is real

31. “Dessert 4 Thought”


30. “Through The Wire”

29. “Want You Back” – dedicates his verse to Tahiry

28. “Sidetracked”

27. “More of Me” – adds a twist to his classic song but focuses on his then-girlfriend Kaylin

26. “4 Walls”


25. “No Idea”

24. “Downfall”

23. “10 Mins” – raps for ten minutes !!

22. “Broken Wings”

21. “Walk With Me” – takes us through his old neighborhood


20. “If I Die Tomorrow” – talks about death

19. “Momma Said”

18. “Three Sides To A Story” – paints a crazy story

17. “Rest In Peace”

16. “Calm Down”


15. “Unforgiven”

14. “Long Way To Go”

13. “Exxxes” – creates the female version of himself and personifies depression

12. “Ordinary Love Shit Part 3” – post-Esther Baxter breakup

11. “Pain Won’t Stop”


10. “Off 2 The Races”

09. “Black Cloud”

08. “Pray For Me” – challenges GOD

07. “Where Did It Go Wrong”

06. “Dumb Out” – raps his ass off


05. “Sing For The Moment” – goes back and remembers his career/life

04. “Inseperable” – the second verse

03. ???

02. ???

01. ???


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