Best of Joe Budden v.2: #03 All of Me


Song: All of Me

Album: Mood Muzik 3

Year: 2007

Previous: #2

Depression tells me I suck, so I reply I ain’t here ‘cause I fell down, I’m here ‘cause I got up

This song is nothing short of amazing.

Last time I wrote about this song, I shared a story where I introduced by old college roommate to this song. He was blown away by it. The subject matter and emotions from Joe showed him that hip-hop wasn’t just the radio. There are artists that might not be known throughout the masses that still make dope music.

Joe shared an unbelievable, heartbreaking story about one of his old friends, Tammy. She had developed a tumor and was close to death. Joe decided to share the moment when Tammy decided to tell Joe about it. She had left a voicemail on Joe’s phone. Joe started listening to the message but he couldn’t get through it. Once he heard that the doctor had given her a short amount of life left and she started crying, he broke down. She continued her goodbye and wished him more success. He couldn’t take it anymore. It was too much to handle. He pressed the button to delete the message.

He also talks about a past relationship—Tahiry.

They were great together until in ended. They moved on. Women were all over Joe. Meanwhile, Tahiry had hers. However, the guys Tahiry was seeing had a constant reminder of Joe—her tattoo with Joe’s name. Ultimately, they gave it another shot. They picked up right where they left off like they never separated. They decided to forget the past and didn’t care what people thought. People couldn’t see why they loved one another. They did. Joe saw something in Tahiry that was worth all the pain and suffering and vice versa.

The song is filled with so much more material.

A younger Joe wanted the glitz and glamour. He wanted wealth in the form of jewelry. Once he attained a level of success and could afford it, he didn’t want it. His superficial ideologies had vanished. He also came to the realization that the beautiful women in the music videos weren’t that special. He called them “pigeons.” These women weren’t that attractive nor did they deserve all the praise.

You could go on and on about this song. I could write another essay on this song. I did that already, even thought I said I wasn’t going it.

Just listen to this song and zone the fuck out.


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