Best of Joe Budden v.2: #02 Truth or Truth


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Song: Truth or Truth Part 1

Album: On The House

Year: 2012

Previous: not ranked

Understand, it don’t get no realer, see how I go to bed with thoughts of a damn killer, but rather show y’all my girl through these Instagram filters, look at her, don’t look at me, ‘cause if y’all judging, y’all would throw the book at me

This song is AMAZING.

Joe Budden is the king of sharing his life with his fans.

I almost cried when I heard this song. My eyes still sometimes water when I listen to it. He’s brutally honest in the song, just like the song (or game) suggests.

He let’s his fans have it. Although he appreciates and loves them, he doesn’t like it when the come up to him at church or a public place and disrupt him by either asking for an autograph or a photo. He says that fans think they are entitled to Joe whenever they want or whenever they see him because they spend “x dollars” on one of his projects. However, according to Joe, they purchase the music at the time, not future quality time with him.

It’s funny he says. I’ve always felt similar to what he’s describing. I felt weird bothering a celebrity. I’d never approach a celebrity on the street and ask for something. At most, I just give them a “what’s up” or tell them I appreciate their work.

Although he shares his life with us via his music he still wants to keep his anonymity. He treasures it. He enjoys being alone, living in the privacy of his home.

Also, he tells everyone that he’s made mistakes in the past but those mistakes shouldn’t be used to judge him. Nobody’s perfect, everyone has made mistakes. Its just Joe’s mistakes have been publicize and put under a microscope. He’s just being himself. He’s not putting on an act. What you see, is exactly who he is.

He takes the opportunity to speak about his child’s mother. After all the problems and fights they went through, Joe never thought they would speak again, but they do, and he appreciates her seeing pass the past and maintaining a relationship with her child’s father.

Its weird but once Joe mentioned Angie, she became very ill. He couldn’t imagine Angie dying. In the past, he would wish death on Angie but he’s grown up, and has realized he needs her. He’d be crushed and scared if she passed. He couldn’t picture himself being a solo parent, a parent with full custody. Joe can barely take care of himself, so how is he going to take care of a child, HIS child?

When he looks in a mirror, he looks at himself in disgust. If he thinks that of himself, what is Trey going to think? Trey is going to look at Joe as a role model, is Joe a proper one? Probably not.

Finally, he brings up a conversation he had with then-10-year-old Trey.

One day, Trey came up to Joe and said that he’s a weird kid and he doesn’t have an issue with that. Joe was curious and asked Trey why he felt that way. He said he’s weird because he knows he is, that’s who he is and he’s okay with. He continues and says if someone doesn’t like him or his weirdness, then they don’t have to be friends with him. They can walk in the opposite direction, away from friendship.

Joe was impressed and proud of his son. He even said that if would happen to die today, he could die happily knowing Trey got part of Joe. He learned a priceless life lesson: remaining one’s true self.


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