Best of Joe Budden v.2: #01 Whatever It Takes


Song: Whatever It Takes

Album: Maybe You Been Brainwashed / Mood Muzik

Year: 2004

Previous: #1

I guess depression just stepped in, and took over shit like it’s known to do, guess it said ‘hey Joe, I’m going home with you, I need to be in the zone with you, ‘cause I’m the only thing you’ve prone to n—-, look I own you n—-, been with you since ten, but you starting to confuse me, ‘cause it’s been so long and you still trying to lose me, life ho could you show me such cruelty, when everybody turns their back on you Joe it’s you and me, still you don’t want me to see you right, and why you always come get me, how we reunite, huh? I know you feel for me deep in your heart, doctors, meetings, pills couldn’t keep us apart, but not you got a deal and you want to get rid of me, we roommates, I’m in your head Joe, you live with me

Finally, the song that comes in at number one. And it’s the same one as the previous list. This song remained on top even after I went back and checked out songs I overlooked the first time. Even with “Truth or Truth” released, it managed to—in my opinion—remain as his best song.

It’s my personal favorite song of his.

If I ever saw him perform this song, I’d probably lose my shit, get emotional and maybe, just maybe, cry. It’s that dope to me. It’s a song I look at as motivation.

Whenever I had an exam in college, I would turn to this song and the rest of the Best of Joe Budden list. So, after studying all night and the next morning, I would put my earphones on and play this song. I’d zone out, and forget about the world for the next seven minutes. I’d stop stressing over the exam and just get lost in the words Joe rapped. It’s one of my favorites songs ever.

Depression is all over this song.

He tells us that he’s been dealing with depression since he was a 10-year-old. At the time of this song, he was a 23-year-old or a 24-year old, and still dealing with depression. He mentions that at times he wouldn’t want to be productive and even if he did, his depression would show, like going to a club, his expression would show he isn’t having a good time. He points to the party’s photos as evidence of that. Also, he could go days without switching clothes or taking care of his personal hygiene, and he’d be ok with it.

Near the end, he starts giving his depression personal traits. He makes depression sound like person he can’t shake off. Depression wants Joe all to itself. It often takes control of Joe’s life. Joe tries to escape his depression but can’t. It starts bringing up the different ways Joe tried to escape it. The psychiatrist, the doctors, the medicine etc. weren’t helpful. Depression has been with Joe for a long time that it can fathom why Joe would want to leave. It’s become a part of him. When others let him down, depression was there for him, and will continue to be there for him.

He continues saying that his depression is stopping him from make “dance music,” which is what his record label wants. He hasn’t been able to re-create another radio hit so the record label decided to push his album back. With no album out, income is scarce. He has to resort to gambling to help pay for his bills. The label keeps nagging Joe to create another single but he’s unable. Instead, he’s asking them to support him and help him better himself but they don’t.

He makes a comment referring to his problems. He’s dealing with some much shit: depression, baby mother issues, record label problems, etc. that he’s neglecting one of his longest and biggest issues in his life: his drug addiction. It’s crazy that Joe has to deal with so much stuff; everything he’s saying is almost unimaginable to me. He’s a strong person because someone else might have a difficult time dealing with just one of those issues.

Also, he makes a statement that is awesome. He says that he cannot go to sleep without talking to his fans on the Internet. He remains awake until the late evening and interacts with his fans on his message board. That’s interesting because he was an early adopter to the Internet. He put his life on the web with his JoeBuddenTV vlogs.

I can picture Joe talking to his fans for two different reasons.

The first one is because he appreciates them and is thankful that there are people out there that care and listen to him. Secondly, he does it to bring him peace, hope, and tranquility. Since depression constantly overtakes Joe, he’s probably contemplated suicide numerous times. He checks in with his fans for a glimpse a hope. His music is helping them better their lives. It shows him that he is loved and maybe helps him win the day and stops him from killing himself.

One of the reasons why I love this song so much is because he shared his pain. He shared his life in seven quick minutes. Some people might keep their personal life private but Joe has made it his “thing,” to share with the masses his daily struggles. I could only imagine the stuff in the song. I don’t know how it would be to live it.

So there you have it, the final entry in this version of the Best of Joe Budden list.

Thank you Joe for all the dope music you make, and I can only hope you release some more in the near future.



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