Young Jeezy – Stay Strapped


Jeezy tried to end Gucci Mane’s career. It’s one of my favorite disses ever! And one of my favorites tracks from the Snowman.

Although, a version with solely Jeezy exists, I didn’t hear this song until it was released on Game’s second mixtape aimed G-Unit, Ghost Unit. This version included Long Beach rapper Techniec, who I was fucking with at that time.

Whenever I hear this song, I can’t help but power-up to “gangsta mode.” I start reciting the lyrics as if I’m Jeezy going after Gucci. I feel invincible as I rap line-by-line. I start gesturing. I start doing things with my hands. I make up invisible guns and pull the triggers. And I can’t help but join in on the adlibs Jeezy made famous/his own.

Don’t judge me.

He attempted and almost indirectly had him killed.

Jeezy held nothing back. The diss was the ultimate insult. He even said Gucci’s government name.

Rapping over T.I.’s “ASAP” song, Jeezy comes blazing out the gate with the shit talking and gun talk. Within the first six lines, Jeezy already brought out the mom card. He said Gucci’s own mother thinks he’s a bitch. The addition of Gucci’s real name added more salt to the wound. Just imagine hearing your name in a line next to “you’re a bitch”? That alone could’ve been the knockout blow.

Nothing was left unturned.

In addition to calling Gucci a bitch, he was proclaimed a pussy while telling him that’s he’s fake and broke.

First, he reminds us about his guns specifically AK-47s, which keep Gucci up at night because he’s aware of the damage they can do. Next, he brings up the fact that Gucci talks a tough game but according to Jeezy, he hides. His reasoning is: if you claim you’re this big, tough dude, why are you in confinement somewhere? You should be everywhere. No one is going to fuck with you, if the talk is true. Even his momma knows, as previously mentioned.

And finally, he calls him both fake and dick rider. He’s a studio gangster, as Jeezy’s compadre Slick Pulla once said. Jeezy claims that Gucci is a dick rider because Jeezy thinks Gucci is biting him.

Damn, and that’s just in the first fourteen bars.

As the song goes on, Jeezy makes other claims about Gucci, saying since he put him together—by developing his style, which Gucci copy, according to Jeezy—he can take him apart. He calls Gucci disloyal because he keeps jumping from one clique to another. Jeezy mentions a time when Gucci was given a car and a chain from an acquaintance in his former clique but left him and join someone else.

Jeezy continues, and calls Gucci jewelry fake. Unlike Gucci, Jeezy’s jewelry is icy—a play on Gucci’s hit(?) single.

He reminds Gucci to stop because Jeezy could make everything go away for the cost of a Dodge Magnum. Imagine that? In 2005, the Magnum went for roughly $32,000.

Jeezy ends the onslaught by reminding Gucci that he in fact is the man in Atlanta. He has people in different parts of the city including some that will do anything for him. If Jeezy really wanted to, he could get Gucci “touched.”

Gucci’s posse also get a shot, reiterating what he said about Gucci, also applies to them. They’re pussies, according to Jeezy. They stand next to Gucci but once that AK shows up, they’ll scatter, afraid of the results.

After all that, I would’ve thought Gucci’s career would’ve been over but it hasn’t. He was able to sustain the Jeezy beef, which is still not over, and create a successful career for himself. Gucci still went on and made plenty of money and developed one of the largest catalogue’s I’ve ever seen.

Photo Credit: NY Mag


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