Young Jeezy – Gangsta Party


I decided to check out Jeezy’s latest mixtape since I’m checking out his past.

This mixtape dropped a couple months ago, and it came at a surprised. I don’t think anyone was expecting this, but like a lot of rap fans, I didn’t mind some new Jeezy.

The mixtape was cool.

It had some bangers and some that weren’t.

Both “With Me” and “Gangsta Shit” are dope, and my favorites off the mixtape.

“With Me” has that gangsta, bounce beat that you can’t help but want to move side-to-side to, maybe add a two step in there. The hook is cool too. It’s just a fun song. If you’re similar to Jeezy and do what he does, he can fuck with you.

On the latter, Jeezy hooked up with Shy Glizzy, not sure who he is—this was the first time I heard him—but they collaborated and made a dope track.

First off, Shy provides a cool guest verse. His voice is unique. In his verse, Glizzy says he’s a real gangsta, and he’s lives that lifestyle. He interacts with dudes that put on ski masks and dudes that always have that thing on them. He’s unlike the dudes he mentions in the hook, Shy—like Pulla—isn’t fond of studio gangstas.

If you miss the cocaine talk, look no further than “Birds Could Talk.” Just by looking at the title, you can imagine what the song is about. If we are judging a song by its title, then the song is about what the cocaine Jeezy sold would say about the things Jeezy did while he was trapping. I bet it would share some amazing stories, stories that could write a book. Jeezy paints pictures of what the trap game is/could be: fancy cars, federal agencies, lots of money etc.

Some good shit from Jeezy.

Finally, the one thing you always get on Jeezy mixtapes is: crazy beats. This mixtape is just like the others. “Gangsta Shit” had a dope beat. “Bossin Up” and “Birds Could Talk” both had thunderous beats that would cause havoc on some speakers.


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