Jay Bilas’ I Gotta Go To Work

If you don’t know who Jay Bilas is, here’s a quick biography. Bilas is former Duke basketball player from the 1980s. He played overseas for bit before becoming an assistant coach at his alma mater. Currently, he is an analyst for ESPN’s college basketball coverage.

He’s active on Twitter.

One day, his Twitter profile caught my eye. He posted a tweet that I’ve heard before. It was a Jeezy line. I was mesmerized. Here is an analyst, whom I thought was bland, tweeting a line from a gangsta rapper. My head spun. I never would have imagined this situation. I thought it was just a one-time thing. I went back to his Twitter page and noticed he did it again, then again, so on and so forth. When I realized he was doing it on the daily, I thought, “This is interesting. Let’s see how far he takes it.”

Also, I was shocked that this had been going on for years. I didn’t discover this until 2014. It’s caught on too. He often gets replies to his tweets and others often use them for motivation, just like Jeezy intended.

Bilas was cool in my book.

Then something else happened.

I came across this photo.

My respect for him went through the roof. Bilas was now someone I fucked with.

I watched their interaction in the video above, and I realized how cool both of them are. Jeezy was surprised Bilas was a fan but he appreciated Bilas for listening to him. The video is just too cool.

Also, it was interesting to hear Bilas refer to Jeezy as the urban philosopher during a basketball game. What a cool nickname, am I right? A great compliment too.

Here’s a few of his tweets he’s posted throughout the years.

I suggest you give the dude a follow, and get motivated each day with his “I Gotta Go To Work” tweets. Who knows, maybe Bilas will join Jeezy on a track and provide some additional adlibs.


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