Kanye West – Runaway Love (remix) feat. Justin Bieber & Raekwon


(Posting this two days before the actual day)

This was straight out of left field.

Kanye thought remixing a, at the time unstoppable, Justin Bieber song was cool? That’s something rap needed? Did he also think the addition of one of the hardest rappers ever in Raekwon would be a good look? One paper it was: weird.

Kanye envisioned something we didn’t.

He saw the genius in the song.

He made the song, and Bieber dope! He took complete opposites, meshed them, and created something different, something enjoyable.

Raekwon and Kanye provided good verses with Rae shining throughout the song with his verses. He followed the song’s theme and rapped about a woman, showing off his game.


As he grew up, Bieber was the butt of everyone’s joke—I’m not going to lie, he caught some from me, but when he was an adolescent he was a “good kid” with a great voice. He was annoying but tolerable. In this song, he was okay; I didn’t want to skip songs.

I’m not sure if credit should be given to Kanye or to Bieber’s talent, maybe a combination of both but I didn’t mind his appearance. His voice was soulful and went well with Kanye. More surprisingly, neither he nor Raekwon seems out of place.


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