Kanye West – Devil in a New Dress


“Devil in a New Dress” is such a dope song.

It was released as a G.O.O.D. Friday track but later appeared on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy with an amazing verse from Rick Ross and an equally as dope guitar solo from Mike Dean.

Kanye hits us with a double dose of dope verses. He raps about a girl who he had a fling /relationship with—could it be about Amber Rose, who knows?

This girl he’s rapping about is everything a man could wish for. She’s beautiful, sexy, adventurous and freaky. He’s really feeling her.

Suddenly, she leaves Kanye citing boredom. He can’t believe she did that to him. I guess his asshole ways rubbed off on her and she developed a big head—much like ‘Ye.

Kanye was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe she would walk away. He looks at her with a mean mug, and a “are you serious?” expression on his face.

He confronts and calls her out. He refers to her as a gold digger, only seeing Kanye for his wealth and status. He wants her to be reasonable. Just because she has gained popularity by being with Kanye, that doesn’t mean it will follow her as she heads out the door. She’s acting like her shit doesn’t smell, hence Kanye telling ol’ girl that she shouldn’t leave while “she’s hot.”

In short, the song is dope. The album version is better. Kanye keeps delivering with this series.


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