Kanye West – Good Friday feat. Common, Pusha T, Big Sean, Kid Cudi & Charlie Wilson


This is too dope! The song is very joyful. It’s a fun track, one that you would play before you and the crew head out for the night.

Kid Cudi killed the hook. He provides that “hype” before the night.

Charlie Wilson’s singing is soulful and a good addition. I love part.

Common drops a quick drive-by verse, dropping some conscious shit.

Kanye provided two short verses just to let us know that he and his team are the illest.

Both Pusha T and Big Sean killed it. Kanye let these two G.O.O.D. Music rappers share the spotlight, while stealing it in the process.

Pusha’s cocaine raps and braggodocious lyrics are dope. They are Pusha T down to the tee, pun intended. His opening line is all wordplay. He implies that Kanye is a hustler because he flips pianos, or makes beats. Even when Pusha doesn’t rap about coke, he indirectly does. Pianos have keys, cocaine have kis. Whoa! Also, he still claims to be selling kilos, however, the kilos he refers to are his raps. In the past, he would sell cocaine. Now, his raps share the same characteristic the drug has: they’re raw.

In short, Pusha is a monster.

Big Sean also killed it. He brags too. He uses the grading system in schools in a way to show off his pimpish ways. He wasn’t receiving grades. He was enjoying them.

The beat is filthy. The piano is amazing. Those drums are insane. They are so loud, and hard-hitting. I love it.


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