Champions League Group State Predictions


Hooray! Champions League is back!

Barcelona finally gets a chance to defend their trophy after last season’s tremendous run. Barca capped off a wonderful season winning the Champions League to complete the treble, the second in CL history, and the second in the past three years. Bayern Munich did it in 2013.

Enough of this, let’s get to the predictions

Two of the monsters in Europe will thrive and dominate Group A. Both Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain will advance, with the former winning the group.

Group B will be competitive but Manchester United will win the group, with Wolfsburg coming in second.

Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid tops Group C, and Benfica as runner-up.

Group D looks like the group of death. You have two-time defending Europa League champions in Sevilla, last year’s finalist Juventus, Manchester City who are always a dominant force, and a good Bundesliga team in Borussia Monchengladbach. I see Man City winning the group, and Sevilla beating by the slightest-of-margin Juventus to advance too.

Barcelona will dominate Group E, with Bayer Leverkusen coming in second.

Bayern will show just how great they are by winning Group F, while a quiet under-the-radar Arsenal is runner up.

Chelsea biggest competition in Group G is Porto, who I think will beat Chelsea in Portugal. I see both advancing with Chelsea topping the group.

In Group H, the talent pool drops off. It doesn’t compare to the other groups. I think Valencia and Zenit will duke it out for first place, with Valencia topping the group.

Well, there it is, my predictions.

Here’s to a fun and exciting upcoming season of football.





(Photo Credit: Bleacher Report)


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