Kanye West – Lord Lord Lord feat. Mos Def, Swizz Beatz, Raekwon & Charlie Wilson


This song was cool.

It would’ve been better if Swizz Beatz didn’t ruin the song.

I completely forgot that he was on this song. His verse is that horrible. It makes me cringe. Also, I had no idea that I had a version without him. For the past five years, his verse was unknown. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I noticed he was on the original version. I probably heard the Swizz version a few times, and couldn’t wait until someone released an edited version without him.

Charlie Wilson did his thing, again. His voice complements Kanye’s music so well. Meanwhile, Raekwon provided a good guest verse.

Kanye delivered a great verse, filled with plenty of memorable lines. Kanye’s cockiness is at an all time high: “I got lines that’s better than n—– albums, plural!”

Damn ‘Ye, damn.

Lines better than albums? That’s such a cocky, and crazy thing to say, but with the amount of garbage in rap, Kanye might be right. Is this line a subliminal toward someone? I’m not sure, but it could be.

Also, he tells a rapper—through Plain Pat—who’s is able to be in the presence of Kanye and play some music for him, that his music is garbage. Garbage music is something Kanye doesn’t have time for. If you have the opportunity to play something for Kanye, you better make sure it’s something of quality. You better hope it’s your A-game, and nothing else.


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