Kanye West – So Appalled feat. Jay Z, Pusha T, Cyhi The Prynce, Swizz Beatz & RZA


This shit is dope.

Kanye enlisted his big brother, a Wu member, Showtime and two G.O.O.D. Music rappers to assist him in this certified banger. It was so dope, that Kanye decided to keep it for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Everyone that had a significant part in the song did his thing. Kanye, Jay Z, Pusha, RZA and Cyhi all did their thing. Cyhi’s verse was surprising. I wasn’t familiar with his music but he impressed me. They brought their A-game. You could argue on behalf of each of the four rappers as to who had the best verse, that’s how good each one is.

Everyone did something memorable.

‘Ye wishing that—just once—the housekeeper resembled a beautiful, attractive woman. Putting emphasis on the following words, creating a part of the song where crowd participation excelled: voila, Allah, Prada, tada.

Jay killed it.

He had multiple lines that stuck out.

One was his “fresh” line. In another line, he cleverly flipped a quote from The Dark Knight. His 30 million and MC Hammer line was cocky and arrogant but funny. It’s funny in a sad way because Hammer lost his fortune, his wealth. Jay brags that his wealth won’t be in danger if he takes that hit MC Hammer took, in fact, he’ll spend another thirty just because he can. In the end, Jay hit us with the rare, triple entendre that is jaw dropping.

Pusha does what he does best, comes in and delivers. His verse is full of drug references and the lifestyle. Pusha usually never disappoints.

Meanwhile, Cyhi delivers his God’s iPod line that stuns. Cyhi used creativity in his wordplay, flipping months of the year to show the progress in one of his relationships.



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