Kanye West – Don’t Stop Feat. Pharrell & Lupe Fiasco


I wasn’t really feeling this song. Even with the ensemble of Kanye, Pharrell and Lupe Fiasco or as they named themselves, Child Rebel Soldier, three artists I liked, I still couldn’t fuck with the song. And I didn’t know why.

Over time, recently, the song started growing on me. I like how they decided to avoid having a hook, and just rap. They didn’t rap the typical verse; they each had a more than decent size verse. Pharrell and Lupe’s flows are dope. They tried to match their flows with the beat’s tempo.

Speaking of the beat, it’s different. It’s something different than I would have imagined. Maybe that’s what makes it cool. The beat, at first, turned me off, I didn’t get it. It grew on me. I like how it slightly switches to something funky during Kanye’s verse.

All showed confidence and cockiness in their raps, especially Kanye and Pharrell. Kanye even claimed to have more money than Oprah Winfrey before retracting that statement in the following line, saying it was a joke.

One thing, Kanye takes a moment to address the haters on the Internet. The haters came out the shadows to diss Kanye after the Taylor Swift situation at the MTV VMAs. Kanye shrugged it off, no pun intended. He wasn’t aware of the haters or most likely didn’t care nor paid attention to the aftermath since he was busy working on another masterpiece.


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