Kanye West – Take One For The Team Feat. Pusha T, Cyhi The Prynce & Keri Hilson


Kanye is joined by his fellow G.O.O.D. Music brethren, Pusha T and Cyhi The Prynce, along with Keri Hilson to rock over this track.

In the song, Pusha shows us how he is the ultimate friend. If he has to, he’ll take the fall for Kanye.

In his verse, he tells Kanye to have fun and not worry about anything. If an issue shall emerge, Pusha will handle it. If Kanye does something illegal (possession), Pusha will own up to it.

Pusha is a trooper. He’s loyal to Yeezy. His loyalty extends to being a great wingman. Pusha will keep one girl occupied while Kanye works his magic on the other. While Kanye talks to the very attractive one, Pusha will converse and keep the unattractive one or less attractive one company.

Kanye comes to the realization what the rest of the world already knows—he’s not the best person. He knows he cannot please everyone so he’s going to stop being this character he’s not. Kanye is going to be Kanye. He’s going to be arrogant. He’s going to be cocky. Hence, the bars in the first verse where he calls out the ghetto people in the U.S., who kept the plastic on brand new furniture to preserve them.

Also, he admits that he hates when people show him pictures of children. Some might find it adorable, but Kanye doesn’t.

The song was dope enough that I didn’t mind that Keri was given a short verse. Actually, that’s not true. Most of the time, I hit next when her part comes on, missing Yeezy’s second verse.



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