The Alchemist Week 2015 – Introduction


Hi there, welcome to a weeklong—well more than a week—dedication to the man known as Alchemist.

Alan the Chemist is an amazing artist.

His production is incredible. You already know how I feel about this man’s music. I’ve dedicated a part of this blog to a series around his production, highlighting some of his work.

Honestly, I love this dude.

He’s a character. He’s funny. He’s talented.

Even when I’m not listening to his music, I enjoy the things he does. Whether that’s his funny Twitter feed, his informative and funny interviews or appearances in Action Bronson endeavors, he’s entertaining.

Like last year, I decided to celebrate the man’s birthday week (October 25th). I want to celebrate by posting a bunch of different content that either relates to the man directly or indirectly.

Enough of this, let’s get to the content.

(Photo Credit: Jason Goldwatch)


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