The Alchemist and Chris Co – How Does It Feel EP


I have to admit, when this came out, I didn’t know who Chris Co was. I didn’t know why Alchemist would make a project with him. I went ahead and downloaded anyway.

It wasn’t until recently that I searched his name via Google and was able to put a name to a face. I found out he is from Detroit. Also, up until recent, I had never heard the five-track project. The project was cool, to my surprised. Honestly, since I hadn’t heard Chris Co’s music, I didn’t know what to expect.

The production was dope, like usual. The raps were good too.

I enjoyed the beats on “The Intro,” “How Does It Feel” and “A Different High” more than the other two. Those spoke to me.

“The Intro” features a loud, bouncy, energetic beat that just pumps you up. “How Does It Feel” is more laid back, smooth and reflective. It makes you think back, and wander your mind, bringing up memories, at least to me. “A Different High” is tough.

The EP features guest appearances from fellow Michigan residents Obie Trice, Marvwon, and Jon Connor. Crooked I also lends his services.

Although it looks like this five-track project is guest-featured heavy, the best songs on the project are the ones with Chris Co alone.

Both “The Intro” and “How Does It Feel” are above the rest. They’re dope, for short.

On the opening track, Chris Co shows off his rapping skills by, at times, using a rapid-fire flow to try and match the tempo of the production. His introduction to the world—well maybe not the world, but a big audience—goes great. He let’s us know that trying to go at him or battle him is absurd, comparing it to a battle between Tupac and Nelly.

Meanwhile, “How Does It Feel” finds Chris Co reflecting on his life and career. He mentions how he used to beg and pray that his music would receive over 100,000 hits each day. A low number, I guess he just wanted his music to be heard. He even thought of “selling his soul” for success. That’s a low point one has to reach to consider that, at least in my opinion.

He remembers the times when he worked at a fast food establishment. Fast-forward a few years, and he’s working on a collaborative project with Alchemist, a complete 180 from where he was it.

At one point, Chris Co gets truly honest and implies that he would repeat the journey all over because that rocky journey eventually lead him to his goal of being a rapper.

Overall, for being one of the early Alchemist collaborative projects, it was surprisingly not bad. Although I didn’t know about Chris Co before, I feel like I sort-of know a smudge of him especially after hearing “How Does It Feel.”


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