An Ode To Alchemist: Chemistry 117


Hey there. Welcome to Alchemist week. Here’s the latest entry into the Chemistry series.

Step Brothers (Evidence and Alchemist) – String Cheese (2014)

Beat: This beat is hard. That piano is dope as fuck! It reminds me of windchimes. The piano is sampled from Sea Level’s “Midnight Pass.” Alchemist slowed it down. The original was very face paced. Alchemist tweaked it to fit a more stoner-approved BPM. Also, I like how it sounds static-ly.

Song: This is a dope song. I wish it was included with the album instead of a bonus track. Both Evidence and Alchemist gave us dope verses.


Ghostface Killah – The Forest feat. Raekwon (2001)

Beat: Those flutes and/or whistles and trumpet are dope. Alchemist sampled them off The Imaginations’ “Ballad of Matheia.” Also, the drums and snare are hard!

Song: Ghost is incredible. He created a song using only cartoon characters and characters from fairy tales. He created this “world” where all these characters lived together and applied real life situations/problems that could occur through the interactions. Amazing.


Currensy – Scottie Pippen feat. Freddie Gibbs (2011)

Beat: He sampled Symphony’s “Space” and Lesiman’s “Contatto Umano.” He grabbed the piano/xylophone from “Space” and the guitar from Contatto Umano,” respectively. Combined, they were key in the beat’s overall tone, as they helped create this dark and eerie setting. Those guitar strums…dope!

Song: Its nuts! Gibbs offers one of his best performances, his flow is outrageous and his verse is too dope. This is just an example of Gibbs’ versatility. Not to take anything away from Currensy’s verse but it gets overshadow by the Baby Face Killa.


The Alchemist – Decisions over Veal Orloff feat. Action Bronson (2012)

Beat: This shit is soooooo scary and villainous. The trumpet is crazy. The organ adds to that eerie feeling the beat gives. I love it! It’s dope.

Song: Action does what her normal does: kills it. He does so by kicking rhymes about wrestling, food, weed, his athleticism, and his city. Action over Alchemist usually never disappoints.


Gangrene – Breathing Down Yo Neck feat. M.E.D. (2010)

Beat: This shit is fucking hard. I can’t help but put a mean mug expression on my face when I hear this. It’s like Alchemist’s intention was to provide a raw beat filled with loud, terrifying sounds.

Song: The song is dope. It features a rapper from Oh No’s hometown, Oxnard, too. Oh No’s, M.E.D.’s and Alchemist’s rhymes are just as dope as the beat.


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