Funkee Phlavaz – Episode 2


Last year, I highlighted episode 1 after fellow (great) writer Jeff Weiss brought this gem to the 21st century. He indirectly gave it a second breath.

The show was interesting. It wasn’t the best. It wasn’t something that was must-see television. It looked very amateurish. And it was.

The production wasn’t the reason to check out the show. For example, during a fade out of a music video, a large gray square appears on the screen for a couple seconds.

The reason to check out the show was: the content.

Back in the ‘90s, it was probably one of the first and early strictly hip-hop shows. Quality was sacrifice. It was better to show something than nothing.

Alchemist hosted the show. That’s right, the man this week is dedicated to. I know. I was surprised when I heard that.

I had to check it out.

In episode two, Al is outside of Larry Parker’s 24 Hour Diner. Al is quick to call the restaurant the infamous shack sack. Maybe Al came to that conclusion after looking around and seeing hip-hop stickers including Run DMC, A Tribe Called Quest and Naughty By Nature.

The music videos they played were okay. I heard a few samples that I ‘ve heard in recent songs including Joe’s “Stutter” and French Montana’s “Shot Caller.”

The show did something different from the inaugural episode.

Al said that Funkee Phlavaz had a top five countdown. He counted down, with Naughty By Nature’s classic, “Hip Hop Hooray” taking the top spot.

The show is nothing spectacular. It’s just cool to go back and see the early stages of hip-hop. Plus, the nostalgia the past brings can be cool.

I stick can’t believe this dude went from that to one of the greatest producers ever.



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