The Alchemist versus Just Blaze


This post was inspired by the Red Bull beat battle these two had a few years ago.

These two have that fire production.

Just Blaze was killing it in the 2000s as he kept constantly providing heat to the Rocafella crew. From Jay Z to Cam’ron to Memphis Bleek to Kanye West to Freeway, they were all hooked up with some of the finest beats. He would expand and lend his services to Fabolous, T.I., Game, Rhymefest, Joe Budden, Usher, Fat Joe, among many other artists, everything providing them something great. In the recent years, Just has been behind Jay Electronica, Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Mac Miller, Saigon etc, continuing his decade long run.

Alchemist was the same way.

He worked with Mobb Deep, Dilated Peoples, Nas, Terror Squad, etc in his early days. Now, he’s working with those same artists among a lot more. He’s also more interested in working on a complete project with an artist than just giving them one or two beats. I’m glad he did that. Thanks to that, we got Covert Coup, Lord Steppington, No Idols, Rare Chandeliers, among many others.

Those videos got me thinking.

What would happen if they went to battle? Who would win? One would play one song, followed by the other. This process would go on for some x amount of rounds.

So I went ahead and did it.

Here’s my methodology.

I put all my music that was produced by Alchemist and Just Blaze in a playlist.

Next, I put the playlist on shuffle, and hit next five times. Whatever song came up, that song would be set aside. I did this thirty times, fifteen for Alchemist, and fifteen for Just.

Then, I put those thirty songs in a playlist, and hit shuffle. The first five songs from each producer would be pegged against one another. From there, I would choose a “winner” between the two. The song listed first is production by Alchemist, and the second one is by Just Blaze.

Here goes.

Round 1: The Alchemist “1010 Wins” versus Joe Budden “Pump It Up”

In the first matchup, we have Alchemist’s video game-like beat up against that banging beat Just created. Although those video game sounds on Alchemist’s beat is creative and dope, “Pump It Up” takes this round. The beat’s cohesiveness is better. Those horns and drums are cool. It has a nice bounce to it.

Just Blaze 1-0


Round 2: Gangrene “Livers for Sale” versus Jay Z “Moment of Clarity (remix)”

This one was tough, as both beats are dope. “Livers For Sale” reminds me of something classical. Maybe it’s the sample that contains a cello or violin that gives me that feeling. This beat is something I don’t usually expect from Alchemist. It was different, but awesome. On the flip side, “Moment” was hard, and funky. Just’s horns are dope, no shock there. This beat is too dope, I can’t stop myself from bobbing my head.

Just Blaze 2-0


Round 3: Domo Genesis “The Feeling” versus Jay Z “Show You How”

“The Feeling” is dope. Those horns are incredible. I love them. The drums are hard. The beat is full of energy. “Show You How” is dope too. It’s hard as fuck but it doesn’t do anything toward me like the former does.

Alchemist 1-2


Round 4: Saigon “Stalking Cap” versus Joe Budden “Fire (remix)” 

“Stalking Cap” is dope. It’s soulful, funky and that sample is awesome. I heard the sample elsewhere, and I just love it. “Fire (remix)” is okay. It’s one of those beats aimed for the clubs. It has a bounce. “Stalking Cap” is untouchable here. No challenge. AT ALL.

Alchemist 2-2


Round 5: Obie Trice ”I’m Back” versus Jay Z “Stick 2 The Script”

“I’m Back” is simple yet banging. “Stick 2 The Script” is hard! It has such a street, gritty sound. It embodies the streets. Furthermore, the keyboard addition helps create an eerie vibe. The spaced out keys help create that environment. It’s dope!

Just Blaze 3-2


Although Alchemist is my favorite producer, he succumbs to Just Blaze in this random comparison. Just Blaze is one of the best producers hip-hop has ever here, so no shame in this “loss.” Just Blaze has an incredible catalog as well.

This comparison was fun to do. It’s always fun to compare and see the differences between artists. There is no right or wrong answer. It’s all opinions. The spark of a debate is what’s key here. Debating can be fun. It shows how and what the other person is thinking.

I wished the tour they went on was somewhere near me, I would have went to it. Both are tremendous artists, they could just hit play and let their beats play without the vocals and I would still enjoy them.

(Photo Credit: Noisey)


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