The Alchemist & Oh No Present Welcome To Los Santos

welcome to los santos

Originally, I thought this would be another Gangrene album—the collaborative alias of Alchemist and Oh No—but it wasn’t.

Instead we received an album PRODUCED by the Gangrene cohorts. Alchemist and Oh No had a lot of music leftover from when they scored Grand Theft Auto V with Tangerine Dream and Woody Jackson. They wanted to do something with that unused music. They went to Rockstar and pitched this idea of putting out an album. Rockstar gave the okay, and Gangrene starting working with people.

Through Rockstar, Gangrene were able to work with people they hardly knew or never met. These artists included Samuel T. Herring, Phantogram, and Little Dragon. They already had a working relationship with the hip-hop artists that appear on here. Alchemist and Oh No had previously worked with Earl Sweatshirt, Currensy, Freddie Gibbs, Ab-Soul, Danny Brown, Action Bronson, Killer Mike, etc.

Also, it was interesting that in today’s time, with all the innovative and present technology, every artist that appears on this album was able to get in the studio with Alchemist and Oh No.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the album. I still went ahead and checked it out.

The album was dope. It was a good listen throughout. I enjoyed the majority of the tracks.

The songs that stood out, at least to me, were: “Fetti,” “Lock & Load,” “20’s 50’s 100’s,” and “Leave.”

“Fetti” is everything. It’s the magic these two created on Covert Coup. They have great chemistry. The fans have been craving for a sequel to that dope project, especially it if includes another collaboration between the Currensy and Freddie Gibbs. The back-and-forth by Currensy and Gibbs is dope. Gangsta Gibbs one-ups Currensy again.

Please let the Alchemist and Gibbs project happen.

MNDR and Killer Mike’s “Lock & Load” is perfect. It fits the game. I remember playing through the story mode and hearing the instrumental in the background as I did a mission/heist. The song makes me want to do something illegal.

I don’t know who King Avriel is but she killed “20’s 50’s 100’s.” The hook is catchy. Beat wise Oh No destroyed it. Whoever the guitarist is, did his thing.

“Leave” is different. It’s not a hip-hop song but a hip-hop artist produced it. Alchemist managed to tweak his style to create something that sounds rock-ish. He killed it.

That’s not to say the other songs weren’t dope, which they are.

“Welcome to Los Santos” was ill. Honorary Los Angeleno Gibbs killed it. He killed all three of his guest features.

“California” was smooth as fuck.

“Bad News” is psychedelic.

Little Dragon’s “Wanderer” is catchy and has an electronic feel to it.

“Speedline Miracle Masterpiece” is exactly that, a masterpiece. Its funky, its bouncy, in all its dope!

Although I was expecting a gritty hip-hop album, I received a hip-hop album mixed with other genres and it was still dope.


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