Hanksy’s Surplus Candy: LA


A few weeks ago, Hanksy brought his amazing one-day-let’s-take-over-a-mansion-or-warehouse-and-paint-everything to Los Angeles.

I’ve been excited for this show since Hanksy mentioned it back in July. I wasn’t going to miss this event.

I went to the event and I was blown away. There was art from wall to wall, and top to bottom. It was held at an old house.

The show was dope.

It featured many artists from different types of art. Some of these artists included Annie Preece, Jay Shells, WRDSMTH, Morley, Thrashbird, Teacher, Phobik, MadMan, LookAtArt, Brains and Noodles, plus many others. It was an extraordinary ensemble that Hanksy put together.

Anyways, I will be posting—who cares if I am late—the art from the show. I’ll be posting the different rooms at the house. I won’t be posting everything. That would be overkill.

Here’s the first room.

This was the room you saw when you first entered through the backyard.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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