Kanye West – Looking For Trouble Feat. Pusha T, Cyhi The Prynce, Big Sean & J Cole


J Cole killed it.

And everyone agreed.

Cole was the talk of the Internet when this song was released. Everyone was trying to figure out why did Cole sound angry? Did someone upset him?

Who really knows.

His voice sounds like he’s coming for someone’s neck.

I loved it.

Its funny, the song was delayed. Kanye kept saying he was waiting on something. I guess this was it. I was upset that it wasn’t released timely but I’m glad Kanye waited for Cole to finish this monstrous verse, which I believe he wrote on the road on his tour bus.

Cole absolutely made a case for himself as the heir to the rap throne with this verse. His energy, flow, wordplay, lyrics were all dope. He made this song his. It should be Cole featuring everyone else.

Cole overshadowed the rest of G.O.O.D. Music that we forgot how dope Big Sean’s verse was, how crazy Cyhi’s verse was, how braggadocios Kanye’s verse was and Pusha’s gangsta verse.

In short, the last lines defined Cole’s verse.

“What you been praying for? What you been screaming about? Ironic you been sleeping on the one that you been dreaming about?”

Some people aren’t aware that Cole is a lyricist. He can rap. His singles, “Work Out and Can Get Enough”, might distract them from thinking he’s dope on the mic but it shouldn’t. Sometimes great lyricists like to turn it off a bit.

However, those are the most dangerous. At the hit of a switch, they can out rap you or worse, destroy you. And that’s pretty much what Cole did in this verse, reminding rap that he’s got next.


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