Kanye West – Chain Heavy Feat. Talib Kweli & Consequence


The beat is dope. I can’t help but nod to it when it comes on.

Kanye, Talib Kweli and Consequence all did their thing.

They rapped about actual chains and their metaphorical chains.

Talib’s flow was nuts. Consequence’s wordplay was dope. Kanye was just Kanye.

Kanye let us know that people still despise him. They even attack him online, with their secret weapon: caps lock. Once Kanye had his incident with Taylor Swift, he was vilified to the highest degree.

He touches on racism for a bit, saying that after Swiftgate, he received derogatory slurs on social media. He mentions discrimination among the wealthy saying the rich don’t want someone like Kanye or others of color to live next to them.

See that’s why I love Kanye.

Although arrogant, Kanye speaks his mind. He’ll tell us what he thinks about subjects in his raps. He’s unafraid.

Also, Kanye reminds us that he’s the man, and is always one step ahead of everyone. Instead of getting a grill, Kanye put diamonds on the bottom half of his teeth. That’s some true baller shit.


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