I Love “I Got A Love”

I always liked this song.

The beat is fucking dope.

That’s probably why I’ll never forget this song. The drums are insane. Like really, really insane, out of this world. It’s hard as fuck. It’s loud too. Sometimes I have to lower the volume on the MacBook or in the car because I feel like the speakers are going to get destroyed. But I always return to the knob or button and increase the volume because this beat is way too dope to not listen to at a high volume level. The violin is beautifully intertwined. It’s melodic. It’s amazing. The beat is simply: heavenly.

It wasn’t until I heard Sandman of the Re-Up Gang (Clipse, Ab-Liva and Sandman) destroy it on the dope We Got It For Cheap Vol. 1 mixtape, that I considered it to be really dope.

Therefore, I’ll never let this song die, EVER!

It’s actually one of my favorite songs ever—Sandman’s version, that is.

If it comes on, I’ll let Jin’s version play. If its Sandman’s version, I’ll run it back a couple times.

Jin’s version is all right. It doesn’t suck by any means nor is in mind blowing. Its cool.

Kanye provided the hook and gave a subpar performance. Its simple but I fuck with it.

Jin delivered some lines that to this day, I remember and can recite. Whenever the song comes on, I join in. For example, he made a play-on Kanye’s last name and region: “…a show with Kanye in the West, mid that is!”

See I couldn’t help myself. I had to say it.

Plus, Jin refers to ‘Ye as Mr. Louis Vuitton. Ah, vintage Kanye. Ah, the good old days.


It’s strange that I fuck with Sandman’s version so much. I say this, in no disrespect to Sandman, because I had never heard of him before that mixtape.

Here’s why I fuck with Sandman’s version.

Although I can’t relate to his verse, AT ALL, I can relate to it, if that makes any sense. If not, forgive me. I just like his raps on here. I can interpret some of his lines in a way that applies to my life. Plus, Pusha T’s talking in between the verses adds to the song’s overall atmosphere/dopeness.

Sandman’s tale is beautiful. His metaphors are dope.

That John Ritter and Three’s Company line, insane! The size of the gun that he’s holding and how it makes him feel, creative!

Also, I always have enjoyed the following two lines: a) the line about a star being born on a beautiful night, and b) listening to your favorite song while smoking a blunt.

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what this song makes me want to do.

I’d sit back in a chair, kick my feet up, and not light up a blunt, as this song and others blast through some speakers in the background and zone out.


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