Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: 5th Anniversary


This album is nothing short of amazing.

It’s one of the greatest rap albums I’ve ever heard. It’s too dope. A majority of music and hip-hop fans feel the same way. Kanye delivered an incredible album.

The first few times I heard it, I knew it was dope. It was special. It almost felt like a fairy tale or a film. The protagonist gets in trouble and has to overcome a larger than life obstacle—in this case, Kanye has to win back the world after the Taylor Swift debacle. Eventually, the protagonist overcomes his trials and tribulations.

Kanye sort-of did.

A lot of people still do not like him. They think he’s arrogant, cocky, an asshole, a dick. They are right but fuck them. I bet other artists they like are similar. Therefore, Kanye is awesome. Kanye is a genius.

Like I said, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Critics loved it too. It was critically acclaimed.

The great Chris Rock feels the same way.

In a podcast with Peter Rosenberg and DJ Cipha Sounds, Rock let everyone know his love for the album.

Here are some quotes from the podcast from Rock:

  • “Greatest hip-hop album of all time”
  • “It’s the best record ever”
  • “Best album of the last 50 years”
  • “Best hip hop album, record ever

As you can see, Rock loves the album. You can’t say anything more praising than what he said.

Both Questlove and Peter Rosenberg were shocked as Rock continued his love of MBDTF.

When asked why he felt that why, Rock had a simple response: “what’s better?”

He said the album has something for everyone and it features everyone. Plus, those features deliver. He calls Rick Ross’s guest verse on “Devil in a New Dress” ridiculous. He says Jay Z’s is amazing on here than on his past few albums. Nicki Minaj’s “Monster” verse is better than anything she’s ever done. She even outshines Jay Z on that song!

Others in the universe agree. It’s an album that is universally loved, at least in my opinion.

Just see below.


I randomly searched for other podcasts that had discussed the album, and these were the results. As you can see, there were a few. I randomly picked one to listen to just to see what they thought.

I choose the Modern Vinyl podcast. They went into depth and analyzed the album, coming to the conclusion of several of the album’s themes including sex. They all liked the album.

In the end of the MBDTF segment of the podcast, the three guys ranked the album against the rest in Kanye’s discography. All three managed to put the album in the upper half of Kanye’s discography, including two number one spots.

Also, I stumbled onto this jewel. I found this woman’s Twitter and was blown away when I saw her Twitter icon. This woman recreated the alternate album cover. This alternate cover was the original artwork for “Runaway” that features a ballerina. That was a dope costume she created.

Back to the album, it is incredible. I could talk about the entire tracklist, but I won’t.

I could talk about Kanye’s subtle ode to his ex girlfriend Amber Rose on “Blame Game.” Was it inspired by their relationship or was it based on true events?

Chris Rock delivers an amazing and hilarious skit, coining “Yeezy taught me” in the process and giving us other memorable quotables: i.e. Twista’s watch.

I could talk about the crazy and banging beat “All of the Lights” has. Those drums…oh me, oh my!

“Power,” damn! In the song, Kanye raps, “I guess every superhero needs his theme music,” and that’s exactly what this sounds like. The beat, the energy, his flow all blends together and makes it feel like a theme song for ‘Ye.

What about “Lost In The World’s” festival-type feel? It’s a banger.

Or what about “Runaway?” The hook—genius work from Kanye—is interesting. Was this song a “fuck you” to those people who called Kanye an asshole, a douchebag, a jackass, etc. Regardless, the song is brilliant. Pusha T delivers a douche-type of verse but still manages to kill it.

I will speak on one song: “Devil in a New Dress.”

First, off let’s get it out the way: Rick Ross ab-so-fucking-lutely kills it! His verse is one of his best, easily.

Ross’ verse couldn’t have had a better opener than Mike Dean’s guitar solo. That solo is fucking dope. Dean killed it. It makes for a great bridge between the hook and verse and properly introduces Ross killer verse.

Ross sticks with his cocaine raps but provides depth and not the typical “I-sold-this-much” or “I-know-so-and-so.” He took it a few steps above. He takes the time to look at his present (wealth, fame) and reflect on his past (dealing, rap upbringing). He paints his dealing past, telling us of his success in such a beautiful, flowing way.

Plus, that line he says just relates with me in such a way: “I shed a tear before the night’s over, God bless the man I put this ice over.” I know that line can be interpreted in different ways where it applies to each person.

Overall, the album was fucking solid. It was dope. Many, many people agree with me, I’m not giving a farfetched statement.

Kanye had his back against the wall, a Kanye versus the world type of thing. He took that hate, turned it into fuel and inspiration and delivered an amazing album. Under extreme circumstances, Kanye created a masterpiece that will live on for years and years.


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