Other Anniversaries: Get Rich or Die Tryin’ OST: 10 Year Anniversary


I know I’m not the only person who thought this soundtrack was dope.

Ten years have gone by, and my thoughts on this album remained the same. It’s a great soundtrack.

Back in 2005, 50 Cent was still atop of the rap game. He had released his second album The Massacre earlier in the year. It was commercially successful, having sold over one million records in the first week alone.

The album was a hit or miss with fans. Some fans enjoyed it, others didn’t. I was part of the former. I thought the album was great. “Gunz Come Out,” “Ryder Music,” “Ski Mask Way,” “In My Hood,” “I’m Supposed To Die Tonight,” etc. were all dope to me. Also, the beats on the album were banging. Dr Dre, Needlz, Scott Storch, Hit-Tek, among others laced 50 with some fire production.

Once the album came out, it was announced that a movie based around 50’s life would be released the same year. It came out in November of that year. The movie was okay. It wasn’t better than 50’s mentor’s film. It was entertaining.

The soundtrack featured the artists on G-Unit Records at that time. That includes the rest of G-Unit, M.O.P., Mobb Deep, Spider Loc, Mase and Olivia.

50 did his thing. Buck did his thing. Yayo was surprisingly not horrible. M.O.P. was okay. Spider Loc surprised me. Banks was cool. Mobb Deep was good. Mase was okay. Olivia wasn’t a drag. Overall, it had a good balance of the artists on the label.

The soundtrack was dope as previously stated.

Like I said, Godfather 50 did his fucking thing.

“What If,” “Window Shopper,” “Talk About Me,” “I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy,” “When It Rains It Pours,” and “Hustler’s Ambition” are all fire. Heck, I fuck with one of the two Olivia collaborations. “We Both Think Alike” is a cool record, with a catchy beat.

The others ones from 50 are really dope.

The beat on “I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy” is fucking bananas! Try not to bob your head to this Ron Browz production, just attempt to. I beat you can’t! The beat knocks. Test it out in a car with a sound system. You will feel the bass. You’ll feel the vibration. This song is one of those records where I want to act like a gangster and just pull up on someone.

“Window Shopper” is dope. I’m sure we all have been a window shopper in our lives. Hell, I’ve been one in recent weeks. However, we’ve all felt the other side of this. Like 50 does in this song, we all felt “rich,” maybe not wealthy but we’ve felt good about our finances and proceeded to “ball” out on a purchase.

“What If” is brilliant as it finds 50 pondering how his life and career would’ve been if he taken a different route. If 50 did something out of character such as start smoking weed like Snoop Dogg, becoming extravagant and flashy like Diddy or start dressing conservative, people would question him and wonder what the fuck is going on with 50. Dope shit from the boy 50.

Okay, enough praising 50, even though he deserves it. Let’s talk about the rest of the album.

I’m surprised at my reaction to “Things Change.” I thought Spider Loc would bring down Banks and 50 but I was wrong. Spider Loc was great! He opened up about his life. On his first verse, Spider is reflecting on his life and although it’s different, we can all relate to it somehow. I know I can.

The album gets me hyped. It makes me stick my chest out. It makes me feel a lot tougher than I really am. I start thinking I’m a fucking bad ass.

These songs do that to me: “Don’t Need No Help,” “You A Shooter,” and “When Death Comes To You.” They make me want to go do something illegal. Like I just want to go outside and fuck shit up, you know what I mean?

Overall, the soundtrack was fucking dope. The features helped deliver. 50 delivered another solid outing before he started his decline from the throne.

This album was great. It certainly met my 2005 expectations. Hell, I still bump it from time to time included this past year. In my eyes, if something is dope, it’ll still be dope later. This was dope in 2005 and in 2015 I feel the same way.


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