The Alchemist Beat of the Year

If you didn’t know, I love Alchemist.

I think he is a musical genius and one of hip-hop’s treasures. He’s been in the industry for over twenty years, and is still killing it.

This year we saw a lot of output from Alchemist. He released four different projects, two instrumental albums and two Gangrene albums.

Alchemist was a busy guy. With all those releases, he still managed to dabble outside his projects. His beats found themselves on other artist’s projects including Fashawn’s, and Action Bronson’s.

He laced different rappers with some dope production.

However, I believe he gave a non-rapper his best work of the year.

He gave Wavves a fucking banger.

That beat is dope.

To me, it embodies California perfectly. It’s laid back and relaxing. It’s a blend of Los Angeles: the beach life and the lavish life.

You hear that bass guitar and get an ill vibe.

The drums make it hard for you to remain still. You can’t help but nod your head.

The background noise adds to the California vibe it sets out. The state is full of active people and active lives, whether that’s the crazy traffic or the noises you hear on busy streets such as Pico, Hollywood, Melrose, Ventura, Figueroa, Venice, La Brea, etc.

It’s funny that this song was initially a leftover/throwaway from the Grand Theft Auto V score, when its pretty dope, to me at least.

There were other dope beats from Alchemist this year but this one stood out. It’s different that what I am used to hearing from him. I’m used to hearing the boom-bap, sample-filled production from Alchemist. He showed his versatility.

He meshed alternative rock and hip-hop and gifted Wavves with a dope beat. He blew my mind. I didn’t think he could impress me any more.

Thank you A-L-C!


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