Game – One Blood (Remix) – Ten Years Later


With this year being the ten-year anniversary of Game’s sophomore album, The Doctor’s Advocate, I decided to go back and check on the monstrous remix to the album’s single, “One Blood.”

The remix had 23 verses from 25 different rappers—24 rappers plus a new Game verse.

When the song came out and I downloaded the song, the file name said it all:


Here’s the star-studded lineup—in order of appearance.

Jim jones

Snoop Dogg



Fat Joe

Lil’ Wayne


Jadakiss/Styles P


Juelz Santana

Rick Ross



Daz Dillinger



Bun B


Slim Thug

Young Dro

Pusha T/Malice

Ja Rule

With that many rappers on a track, the argument of who had a good verse and who didn’t is going to come up. There’s just no way to avoid it.

…and that’s what I’m going to do here.

However, instead of pinpointing which verses were wack, I’m just going to focus on the best ones.

Since there are 23 verses, let’s only focus on about one-fourth of it. Let’s see which where the best six verses.

First, let’s start with the verse that I thought stole the show in the 11-minute long remix.

Lil’ Wayne—a blood, like Game—killed it.

This was around the time of Wayne’s dominance of the mixtape circuit and rap, in general. He was fresh off the release of the Dedication 2 mixtape—arguably, Wayne’s best mixtape. He was slowly becoming the best rapper alive in people’s eyes. He wasn’t the best, at least to me.

His verse was dope. Wayne kept the Bloods theme going and use terminology affiliated with the Bloods, replacing C’s in words with B’s, showing his allegiance.

Here are the rest of the verses, in order of appearance.

Snoop Dogg, a Crip, appears on the remix. A head scratcher of a thing but it works. Snoop tells us that if you fuck with Game, you’ll have a problem with him and his people. Snoop’s like a big brother to Game, he won’t let an affiliation stop that big brother, little brother relationship.

The back and forth trading of bars between Jadakiss and Styles P was dope. Combined, they delivered a hard verse. Plus, it’s not the first time they’ve done that.

Juelz Santana raps “mic check, one two, one two, I’m strapped, you strapped, let’s play two on two,” that line alone, fuck, enough said.

Daz—a Crip as well—keeps it gangsta. He—like Snoop—reps the Crips in the verse, and tells us he also has Game’s back.

The Clipse also went back and forth like Jadakiss and Styles did. They kept in authentic Clipse and delivered bars laced with cocaine.

This remix was dope and showed how hip-hop was becoming more collaborative. Look at how many rappers Game had on his remix. That’s nuts. I’d never seen such a huge lineup for a song before. I’d never think a remix would have a run time of more than 11 minutes. This ideology of everyone becoming friendly and collaborative was great; music that wouldn’t have been made did get made.

So sit back and let this Reefa-produced beat play through your speakers as you catch a glimpse of nostalgia re-listening to this banger!


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