The Worst of Joe Budden


Now I love Joe Budden.

I think he a phenomenal rapper, one of my favorite rappers ever. His honesty, vulnerability and perspective are refreshing. I like to say that he often over shares his personal life, and it makes the listener uncomfortable and they start wondering, “Should I be listening to this?” He’s cornered the “sad,” “emo” or “depression” rap market.

Although he’s known for that type of music, he’s branched out several times and attempted to get a follow up hit to “Pump It Up.”

Unfortunately, or fortunately, he’s never been able to reach the success that his debut single provided. Time after time, he’s tried. Each of those times, he’s failed. He’s been chasing singles. His attempt at getting a single has helped produced some of his worst music. As a huge Budden fan, each time he chases the single, I cringe because I know it’s going to be terrible.

Since I’ve highlighted his best work in the past, I thought I’d shed some light on some of his worst.


“Club Song”

This is the typically “club song” hence the title Budden gave it. The beat tried to copy the style that the South was delivering at the time. I get what Budden was trying to accomplish with the beat. It’s catchy. Maybe he thought he could get a hit with the beat. The hook is horrible. Throughout the song, he pays homage to many—real—club bangers such as “Frontin’” “Lean Back” and “Vivrant Thing,” which were all successful and is what Budden tries to emulate.


“Touch & Go”

This song sucks, point blank.

The verse, the beat, and the flow, nothing is great. That chipmunk-like verse on the hook is horrible. The song’s premise is this: Joe sees an attractive woman he wants to fuck. This girl is also the girl you’ve been after. Joe wants her for the night. You’ve attempted several times to get the girl but have failed. Plus, she doesn’t pay any attention towards you. In the end, Joe with ease, is successful, and has his way with the woman.


“Take It Off” feat. Thara

This song tries to emulate Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” with a similar hook. It failed though. The beat and flow are too up-tempo. It would be better slowed down. Joe is way too braggadocios on this song. He tells the girl to “Google him” while telling everyone else that he has a girlfriend that he wants to cheat on. Hate to say it but Joe is extra douche here.


“Ma Ma Ma” feat. 112

Although I like 112 and the beat is catchy, this song was an attempt at a radio single. The song is an I-can-provide-you-the-world-if-you-are-with-me/flaunt-my-wealth record. Joe likes the girl. She does things that make Joe want to give her everything.


“Pump It Up”

This song has a ying yang stigma.

Although it was his biggest hit, it’s also his biggest flaw. It’s the only thing people bring up during an argument. They question Budden’s relevancy and how he hasn’t had a single since but fuck those people. They don’t know shit. They can’t comprehend that an artist can have success without it being mainstream success. For that reason, I have to put “Pump It Up” on the list.

As you can see, Joe has had his share of attempts at more mainstream success. He’s failed multiple times. I think Joe does these songs in order to clear his mind and get these thoughts and raps out of him so he can later deliver songs that are loved like “Immortal” and “Only Human.” If that’s true, I don’t mind a “Club Song” every once in a while if an “All of Me” comes right after.


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