Dom Kennedy is Mr. Summer


Dom Kennedy is a rapper from Los Angeles that has built a following. His laid back flow mixed with his cool swag instantly catches your eye and ear. His raps aren’t anything spectacular but they are easy to listen to and easy to rap along.

For the past few years, Dom has delivered projects that perfectly fit the warm months. His rhymes and beat selections are a good backdrop for the warm climate. Although at times his rhymes seem random and about nothing, it’s still dope. We I don’t come to Dom to get lyrically amazed. We I listen to his music to chill and vibe too. The music just goes hand in hand with having a good time.

I first heard of Dom around late 2010-2011. I heard The Original Dom Kennedy and was blown away. This was after I heard his guest verse on Pac Div’s “Don’t Forget The Swishers.” In that verse, he showed his swagger, his coolness and his cockiness. Overall, I thought he was simply “cool.”

With the summer here, I thought a playlist of Dom’s music was only right.

Here are a few reasons why I chose some of the songs.

Hellagood Intermission

How else would I start a Dom Kennedy playlist?

The song is the perfect backdrop for a day of relaxing and just enjoying the day. The beat is smooth and funky. Plus, it gives off that sunny, summer day feeling that I associate with Dom’s music. Whenever Dom and Polyester The Saint get together, the end result is a dope song. Poly opens the song with a “fun” verse as he alley-oops it for Dom to come in and kill it. Whenever I am in the car, I roll the windows down and blast this song at obnoxious levels, reciting Dom’s verse along the way.


This record is a banger. Another song I play at ridiculous levels and rap along with the hook. The beat is funky too.

We Ball

This shit is fucking hard. Chase N Cashe killed it the beat. Although Dom is on this record, and delivers a cool verse, he is outshined by Kendrick Lamar and Ric Flair’s WCW interview. Kendrick kills it—that’s all I’m going to say, see for yourself. His epic verse gets recited every time.

Gold Alpinas

I remember when this came out it added fuel to the rumor that Dom was going to sign to Rick Ross’s MMG label. Nothing happen, it was just a rumor. The Aaliyah sample sets up the chill vibe the song gives off. Dom brag raps, delivering two cool verses before Ross grunts and obliterates it with his verse.

When You See Love

This song is dope. It’s different that a lot of Dom records. It’s smooth, yet funky. I like how it starts soft at a very low sound level and then ascends. Dom’s reflects on a past relationships and the difficult time he has trying to maintain it with his lifestyle.

Below is the rest.


(Photo Credit: Dom Kennedy’s Instagram)


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