Joe Budden – Mood Muzik 3


Artist: Joe Budden

Album: Mood Muzik 3 (mixtape)

Year: 2007

Check Out: “All of Me”

Why: Joe Budden continued opening up and giving his fans all of him, delivering very personal discoveries and thoughts.

I love the Mood Muzik series. It’s brought out the best of Joe and delivered his best music.

Coming off a dope Mood Muzik 2—a mixtape that I fucking love and claim it to be one of the greatest mixtapes ever—Joe decided to keep the momentum going.

He got more personal on this mixtape.

Enter “All of Me.”

It’s an incredible and personal record.

If my former college roommate enjoyed this record so can you. You will choke up and maybe shed a tear at the subject matter. I’ve shed several tears listening to this song.

“Long Way To Go” is another personal record. This one deals with depression, and reaching his or her goals.

The route to happiness or success or other things is a long one. You can’t expect fast results. The same applies to a depression. When you feel like you want to quit, don’t. You might not feel like you’re making any progress but you are. Eventually these little steps that seem minuscular add up to the larger picture.

Switching it up, Joe decided to “subliminally” throw shots at Jay Z, his former label President, on “Talk to ‘Em.” They weren’t really subliminals, if you are a fan of rap and know their history, you’d know who Joe was talking about. Joe came with it on the song. He showed he was unafraid to go at Jay Z. Years later, Jay Z finally responded with a subliminal of his own on The Blueprint 3.

This mixtape was too dope that it might have been better overall than Mood Muzik 2.


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