Evidence – The Weatherman LP


Artist: Evidence

Album / Mixtape: The Weatherman LP

Year: 2007

Check Out: “Born in L.A.”

Why: My gamble of checking out other music was a success and I fell in love with his music and the man himself.

This album is fucking dope.

I remember I was a senior in high school when this came out. I was a casual fan of Dilated Peoples, I enjoyed the prior work and 20/20, which came out the year before. On the merit of 20/20, I decided to check out Evidence’s debut solo work.

I’m glad I did. This album made me an Evidence stan.

The album was filled with great lyrics and banging beats.

The beats make it hard for you not to bob your head. “Hot & Cold,” “Line of Scrimmage,” “Believe in Me,” “Things You Do” and “Letyourselfgo” are examples of just that.

The lead single “Mr. Slow Flow” has a crazy beat. The bass is loud! If you wanted to test out your speakers, this is one of songs you’d use. This song is also one of his biggest. Whenever you go to an Evidence show, and this song comes up, Ev raps the opening line, stays quiet and the crowd takes over the rest of the verse. All you hear is a crowd in unison reciting the lyrics.

I find “Born in L.A.” relatable, even though I didn’t grew up in L.A. I grew up in the nearby county. I’m confident that I’m not the only one that feels that way. There are tidbits in each verse from Evidence, Sick Jacken and Chace Infinite verses that I can connect to my life.

“I Still Love You” is a beautiful song.

Ev wrote it about his mother, who passed a few years earlier. You can feel, see and tell the love Evidence had/has for his mother. Not going to lie, I’ve shed a tear or two listening to this song. So touching, so beautiful.


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