Currensy and The Alchemist – Covert Coup


Artist: Currensy and The Alchemist

Album: Covert Coup

Year: 2011

Check Out: “BBS”

Why: Two of the biggest weed smokers come together to deliver a project for weed smokers.

This mixtape is amazing.

Since the first time I heard it, I knew it was special. It made me a fan of Currensy.

Alchemist is too dope, he laced Currensy with some amazing production, arguably giving Currensy a consistent, solid batch of some of his best instrumentals to use. If I smoked, this mixtape would be constantly playing in the background. These two stoners made the perfect soundtrack for a day to roll up and zone out.

“BBS” is a perfect way to introduce the project. That beat is too fucking dope. Mix that with Currensy’s easy to listen and simple raps and you have a great combination.

They created the perfect weed background song when they hooked up for “Life Instructions.” That beat is funky. That easy to follow flow from Currensy complements the beat. Currensy’s opening bars are perfect summary for this mixtape. Smoke DZA’s guest verse was one of the mixtape’s best.

“Scottie Pippen” features Freddie Gibbs, who absolutely murders the beat and outshines Currensy. Gibbs’ rapid-fire flow and lyrics are on point. His performance over this Alchemist beat made me hope for future collaborations with Alchemist. To this day, I hope they work on a project together.

This project was so dope, I was yearning for a sequel, that we just got this year.

Sometimes I wished I smoked so I can really feel this mixtape.


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