Pac Div – Don’t Mention It


Artist: Pac Div

Album / Mixtape: Don’t Mention It

Year: 2010

Check Out: “Rollin’”

Why: These dudes were on the forefront of the New West movement bringing the West Coast to back to relevancy.

Damn, I used to love Pac Div.

This group from Palmdale was the next big thing, in my opinion. They emerged at a time I like to call “the New West.” Them, along with U-N-I, Fashawn, Blu, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, and Dom Kennedy, were leading the way of a resurgent West Coast music scene.

This mixtape is probably my favorite one from them. Although Mania contains my favorite track of theirs (“Take Me High”)—I played this song constantly, I even made it my ringtone (remember those) at one point—this mixtape was all-around better.

Let’s start with the intro, “Underdogs II.”

If I had to describe the song in one emoji, it would be the fire emoji.

The song is so soulful. It’s beautiful. It gets me hyped and motivates me every…single…time. Shit, I might shed a tear listening to the song.

They delivered a solid project—to no one’s surprised.

The “posse” cut as I like to refer to it with Dom Kennedy, CARTer and Chip the Ripper is dope. This might have been my first introduction to Dom. He opens the song up with a braggodocious and very fitting verse. His cockiness and confidence eventually lead me to check out his music. Pac Div’s Like also had a good verse.

“Rollin’” featuring Ty Dolla Sign is the best track on here. It’s a let’s-have-good-time type of song. It’s a perfect song to chill, maybe even for smoking something and zoning out.

Plus, the rest of the project was great too. “Broccoli,” “Don’t Mention It,” “Waves At The Prom,” “Overcome,” “Birds” featuring Pill (remember him?) and “Here We Go” are all dope!


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