Clipse – Hell Hath No Fury


Artist: Clipse

Album: Hell Hath No Fury

Year: 2006

Check Out: “Nightmares”

Why: The Clipse were on fire after their We Got It 4 Cheap mixtape series, they continued that momentum onto here.

It was excited for this album to come out.

During the Clipse’s album hiatus, they were releasing dope mixtapes through their legendary We Got It For Cheap series. Thanks to this series, I started becoming more and more of a fan of the Clipse’s music. Pusha T was sliding up the ranks as one of my favorites rappers. He was killing the mixtapes.

Once this was announced, I was hyped.

When the Spanish dude starts talking on “We Got It For Cheap (Intro),” my excitement increases. Backed by a funky Latin-influenced beat, the Clipse unleashed their frustration onto the beat and the world as they finally “officially” return to the rap world. Both Pusha and Malice delivered outstanding verses but Pusha left the lasting impression. His second verse is fucking dope!

“Nightmares” is incredible.

Bilal’s soulful voice is beautiful. The song deals with paranoia that comes from being in the drug game. The Thornton brothers rap about dealing with that paranoia and how they deal with, causing them to question people’s motives. Malice questions his friends’ true motives, while Pusha tries to see if his past efforts will ultimately lead to his demise. Overall, this is a great fucking song.


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