Lupe Fiasco – Food & Liquor


Artist: Lupe Fiasco

Album: Food & Liquor

Year: 2007

Check Out: “He Say She Say”

Why: Lupe came out and it was a breath of fresh air, he rapped about different subject matter.

This album was fucking dope the first time I heard it. Once I heard that intro, I knew this album was special. Lupe was one of the first rappers that I felt was relatable to me.

Back then, if you had a guest verse from Jay Z, it pretty much equal a co-sign. Jay gave the stamp on approval for Lupe on “Pressure.” Jay delivered a masterful guest verse. And Lupe was able to keep up with Jay and not get ether’d. Both provided us with great wordplay.

“He Say She Say” is brilliant. The song deals with a fatherless family.

The song has two verses, two almost identical verses. The verses are from the perspectives of a mother and the son. Both are wishing the father would step up and be an authority figure in the child’s life.

The mother wants him to be a role model and a father to the child. She wants the father to be a father figure that could help guide and shape their son without leading him down a wrong path.

The child wants a father. He wants someone to show and teach him things. He’s already failing in school and needs someone to get him back on track. He wants someone to come to for advice, among other things.

The song “Real” was just that: real. The third verse is amazing. Growing up in poor teaches you life lessons that money can’t buy. It makes you humble and shows you how to hustle, just like Lupe says in the verse. By hustle, he means work hard to come out ahead. All this is true. I can confirm it. I use to sell bootlegs to get money for stuff I wanted.


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