Kanye West – 808s and Heartbreaks


Artist: Kanye West

Album: 808s & Heartbreak

Year: 2008

Check Out: “Welcome to Heartbreak”

Why: This arguably could be Kanye’s best album, heartbreak led to greatness.

When this album first came out, I wasn’t sold on it as quickly as his other records. I liked a few songs on here but didn’t really enjoy the whole product.

I didn’t realize how dope this album was until a few years ago.

At first I thought the autotune was dumb but Kanye managed to single-handedly change my opinion on it. Plus, the beats were different than the previous Kanye albums, but they were still as dope. Now it’s one of the best Kanye records.

The song “Amazing” is just that: amazing, word to Aziz Ansari’s cousin Darwish. The beat is crazy. Kanye’s short verses mixed with the autotune made his part of the song dope. Jeezy came in and killed it. His flow and delivery fit the beat perfectly.

“Welcome to Heartbreak” is fucking dope. The collaboration between Kanye West and Kid Cudi is great. Their chemistry always leads to great music. To this day, that statement holds truth. Whenever they get together, you get dope shit. The verses from ‘Ye are with both honesty and egotistic. As ‘Ye grows in fame and wealth, he becomes less relatable and cannot do everyday things we can,

On “Heartless,” Kanye is vulnerable. His ex-girlfriend leaving him crushed him. He gave her his heart, soul, life, etc. She still left. You can feel the hurt that Kanye was going through at the time, which makes the song twenty times better.

I fucking love this album.


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