Welcome to Joe Budden Week 2016


In honor of the God’s birthday this week, August 31st, I decided to honor the dude with more than a weeklong dedication to the man and his music.

Joe has been one of my favorite rappers since I was fifteen. His music has helped and shaped my life in different ways. Its been there for motivation, inspiration and reflection, etc. I cannot put in enough words what his discography has taught and showed me. I owe him. A lot. I know there are other Budden fans that feel the same. His pain has been our greatest ally. When he’s down, he delivers amazing records, which helps us, who are currently not 100% emotionally stable.

Though all his trials and tribulations, through all the controversies I’d still stick up for him. He’s given us his entire life on a public medium: music. He’s shared and overshared very personal details without a flinch.

Okay, I’m going to stop because I could continue for some time but I’ve said plenty already.

Enjoy the content and remember to check out Joe Budden’s work. Get to know the genius behind the music.

(Photo Credit: Budden’s Instagram)


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