Best of Joe Budden vol.3: Intro


Joe Budden is my favorite rapper, its obvious.

He’s a rapper that can do it all. He can rap circles around other rappers. He can rap about materialistic and superficial things. He can rap about the streets. But most importantly, he raps about his life. His unique life. You might call his music emo but I like to think of his music as simply very personal.

There’s not much the fans of his music don’t know. Joe shares it all. And by all, I mean all. He shares a lot of things, even some that might feel a bit too personal. It could make you feel uncomfortable at times with the honesty.

Joe’s puts it all out there and that’s why I love his music. Yeah, he’s an amazing rapper but the content, the content is what keeps me intrigued. You can call his music depressing but I don’t see it like that. Yeah, it covers serious topics and situations including depression, issues with your child’s mother, loneliness, death and suicide, among other things but to me, I see his music as inspirational and motivational. Whenever I feel unmotivated, sad, or unfocused, I listen to this man’s music and get in a zone. It worked throughout college, as I used his music to get focused just before an exam. It works now when things might not go my way. I turn to his music, rap along and know that it will get better.

So, to keep it simple: Joe Budden is God.

Finally, here’s the third edition, which will be in scattered posts, of what I think are the best songs in Joe’s catalog.

(Photo Credit: Joe’s Instagram)



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