Best of Joe Budden vol. 3: #20 Alive


From: Some Love Lost

Year: 2014

“I guess being a wife ain’t sound as fun as being a bad bitch”

I get hyped every time this song comes on. The production from DJ Pain 1 should receive some of the credit. The other half should go to certain lines (“If these coppers shoot me, trust me I’ma shoot back”) and to the hook, especially the “take me alive” part.

“Alive” deals with many things, many personal things.

The second verse stands above the other two.

Although he never mentions Tahiry’s name, the verse is about her. It’s obvious.

In the verse, Joe reflects on his time on the reality shipwreck that is Love & Hip Hop New York. He revisits the scene where he created an extravagant marriage proposal for Tahiry under the Time Square lights. He noticed his nervousness, as his knees buckled while getting through the proposal. He gave himself to her. She denied his proposal.

With everything that has occurred in both of their lives, Joe feels like Tahiry probably regrets the proposal. She not only said no to marriage, she said no to comfortability and financial stability plus more.

Now, he’s curious what her future will be without Joe. What will she do? Joe feels that Tahiry will one day come to a realization that she loves Joe too much, but by then it will be too late. Joe will have moved on.

Rather than waiting for that moment where Tahiry comes to her senses, Joe would rather end all ties now than provide hope of a future together. It’ll hurt but it’s for the best.

(Photo Credit: Joe Budden’s Instagram)


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