Evidence – The Layover EP


Artist: Evidence

Album: The Layover EP

Year: 2008

Check Out: “So Fresh”

Why: By this time, I was a huge fan of Evidence, this EP didn’t disappoint.

This EP was used as an appetizer for Evidence’s second studio album Cats & Dogs.

Just like his first album, this EP was dope! Evidence was already a favorite of mine because of his stellar The Weatherman LP, and this just solidified him. I want to say I became a stan.

This came out during my tenure at community college. I was into my second year and I remember playing this all the time. You could say this was the soundtrack to that year.

If I had to summarize California life in one song, I’d choose “So Fresh.” The beat is so laid back, its funky, soulful. It’s all around dope. California is just that, a melting pot of different things, cultures and people. The scratches give it an additional flavor to an already amazing sound. The verses are very Californian; just listen to Alchemist’s opening line.

“The Far Left” is just insane. Alchemist gave Evidence a banger! All three gave dope verses. It doesn’t make who’s rapping I can recite each verse. Fashawn killed it! Right after, I’d started checking out Fashawn’s music based on my reaction to this verse.

“To Be Determined” featured two people I didn’t know back in 2008. However, those two unknown “rappers”—yeah, Aloe Blacc was rapping on here—had great guest verses. Elzhi, Aloe Blacc and Evidence provided some motivation and hope in each of their verses, at least, I think so. I always sing along with Aloe during the chorus. The song puts me in a good mood.


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