Kendrick Lamar – Section.80


Artist: Kendrick Lamar

Album / Mixtape: Section.80

Year: 2011

Check Out: “Hol’ Up”

Why: It made me realized that Kendrick was the next big thing.

The buzz on Kendrick was building. Once I heard this album, I knew Kendrick was one of the next up. And I was right.

The album’s sound made me fuck with Kendrick. It was soulful, funky, and jazzy. The production was top notch.

The storytelling in “Tammy’s Song” about these two girls is amazing. Two different girls eventually choose the same path and we realized they aren’t that different.

“The Spiteful Chant” is a motherfucking anthem! The bridge and hook are infectious. You can’t help but sing along with it. A big fuck you to the doubters.

The first half of Kendrick’s second verse speaks volume. Other might see him as successful but only Kendrick can measure his success. Some say getting to work with Dr. Dre equals success but not to Kendrick. Although he appreciates Dre reaching out to him, he doesn’t want a “handout.” He’d rather make it his way, taking his crew and label along the way.

Schoolboy Q killed his guest verse. Both he and I get hyped. Q also spoke out against those who were doubtful of him. Now, he’s on his grind, making some money and part of one of the hottest crews: TDE.


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