Dom Kennedy – The Original Dom Kennedy


Artist: Dom Kennedy

Album / Mixtape: The Original Dom Kennedy

Year: 2011

Check Out: “Designer Shit”

Why: Dom Kennedy’s laidback approach to music was the perfect “have fun and chill” recipe.

In my opinion, Dom was one of the leaders of the New West revival that occurred during the late 2000s. By 2010, he was doing this thing independently. By 2011, he had caught my ear with this project.

The Original Dom Kennedy was my introduction to a Dom Kennedy project. It left a lasting impression. He’s a cocky, confident, quiet, laidback, cool dude when he’s rapping. I want to say he’s the epitome of a California dude. This mixtape, along with Pac Div’s, were part of the soundtrack to my first year (transfer student) in college.

“CDC” has a hard beat and features Casey Veggies and cARTer. This song was my introduction to Casey, who had a good showing. Ultimately, Dom stole the show with his brag raps. His wordplay with the letters was dope.

“On The Way Home” sounds like a vintage Cali song from the ‘90s. Over a smooth beat, Dom keeps it cool and is just: himself. The song is a perfect track for you to get in the car and just cruise down whatever major street is in your city. The L.A. riots interlude at the end of the song adds to that ‘90s feeling I mentioned.

Once I heard it, I knew I was going to fuck with Dom.

“Designer Shit” is my shit.

Braggadocious Dom is at his finest here, bragging about everything. It’s doesn’t come off as annoying but more as confidence. Dom knows he’s dope and he let’s us know.

Overall, this project was one of my favorites back in 2011. It was dope then, and its dope now.


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