Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon: The End of Day


Artist: Kid Cudi

Album / Mixtape: Man on The Moon: The End of Day

Year: 2009

Check Out: “Sky Might Fall”

Why: Kid Cudi came out of left field and delivered a strong, solid debut album.

This album came to me at a time where I was finding myself.

This, like Mood Muzik 2, came at a time when I was feeling low. The album helped me…breathe.

The album is dark. Although some beats might be up-tempo, the tone and lyrics remain dark.

Just look at how the album starts.

It features at frightening beat with Cudi welcoming us to his dream, or nightmare.

Depression is all over the album. See “Soundtrack of My Life.”

In the song, Cudi tells us how his father succumbing to cancer impacted him. That tragedy alone changed Cudi forever. He spiraled into drugs, alcohol, a state of depression and suicidal thoughts. These suicidal thoughts often lead him to think that doing it would ease his pain and result in a happy ending. While it might ease his pain, it’ll cause others pain as well.

The “Pursuit of Happiness” is a song that probably hits close to home to a majority of people my age. The pursuit of happiness while dealing with your personal struggles is the norm. This song is just too relatable. I’ll stop.

“Sky Might Fall” sounds very cinematic. Maybe that’s why Cudi thought it’d be a good idea to apply it towards a trailer for Transformers. The song tricked everyone including me. The song is just too dope to but into words. The lyrics can be interpreted in different ways. Some might say the sky falling could be a metaphor for deep depression. Who knows that could’ve been Cudi’s intention. Regardless of the song’s undertone, it’s a great song.


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