Fabolous – There is No Competition


Artist: Fabolous

Album / Mixtape: There Is No Competition

Year: 2008

Check Out: “I Don’t See Nobody”

Why: Fabolous took it back to his mixtape days, and killed the competition.

Fabolous is easily one of the greatest mixtapes rappers ever. Every time he jumped on a beat, you knew you were about to hear some slick metaphors.

In the 2008, after having success on the mainstream level, he decided to go back to his roots: the mixtape scene. It was a welcome switch by rap fans like myself but kind-of a head scratching move because he was having great success on the radio, even producing a number one single with “Make Me Better.” Maybe he felt he was moving away from his early fan base and decided to take it back.

I welcomed his decision.

Every DJ Clue mixtape or the rare non-Clue mixtape that had a Fab freestyle I checked out.

His posse cuts with other Desert Storm members are some of my favorites freestyles ever.

When I first heard this mixtape, I knew it was dope. The title gave off a feeling that Fab was going to go off and in a sense kill his competition, which he did.

Some of my favorites are: “Suicide,” “I Don’t See Nobody,” “Say Hello“ and “Paperman.” This is my favorite overall Fabolous performance on a project.

The thing about Fabolous that I like is that he always gives his friends, whether that is Desert Storm or his Street Fam, by letting them join him on freestyles and songs. Shit, his posse cuts with other Desert Storm members are some of my favorites freestyles ever. This mixtape is no different. Freck Billionaire, Paul Cain and Red Café are all over this mixtape, and add to the mixtape, with Freck killing “Mo Cars, Mo Hoes.”


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